About Us

What is Charitacy.com?

Charitacy is “The Art of Doing Something Good“. Most of us would like to be philanthropists, but most of you are like myself where we don’t think we can afford to give after providing for yourself and your family. However, becoming a philanthropist, someone who donates his or her time, money, and/or reputation to charitable causes or people, can be a very rewarding thing. Charitacy offers those of us who don’t have a whole lot of money or time simple ways to give back to our favorite charitable organizations or help those in need.

We believe the world is better when we work together as one community, with a shared vision for our future. Because of this we strive to create compelling content like videos and short articles that may inspire others and bring a positive light to their day.

If you would like us to potentially share your story, pictures, a video or anything else that lines up with our vision, please send us a private message.

There are a lot of features on this site that are designed to inspire ideas and lead to action, but the easiest thing you can do is use the affiliate links on the Shop page. If you’re seeing this page, chances are good that you do at least some shopping online. All you need to do is visit this page when you need to do some shopping, click on the links to your favorite stores and our site earns a percentage of your purchase (the % amount varies by store). Every month, we send 90% of our earnings to the “Charity of the Month” designated on the home page. Our goal is to increase that percentage to 95% within one year of our launch date (October 1, 2014).

Why should I use Charitacy.com?

In today’s economical reality, many of us find it difficult to donate or contribute hours of volunteer service to charity. This site is all about finding easy ways to contribute. Lack of resources are a barrier for a lot of us, but I firmly believe that the desire to do something good for others remains strong.

  • Find causes that feel very worthwhile to you for example, your church, animal welfare, the environment,soup kitchens, education, Africa Aid, cancer research….there are endless causes to support. Please read some inspiring and heartwarming stories on UndercoverFunder.com or iBeggar.com to find worthy things you can donate to.
  • Depending on the law where you live you may be able to get tax relief on your donations enabling you to give more at the same cost to yourself.
  • Tell your friends and family how great it feels to be a philanthropist and encourage them to join you in your causes by visiting Charitacy.com.
  • Get a good job so you can donate some income to charity.
  • Have fundraisers yourself by posting your own donation pages on Begslist.com or DonatePages.com.

I pledge to you the following:

  • Your privacy is important to us – we don’t require user registration so there’s no need to share your personal information with a bunch of strangers. There will never be any registration required and no spam from us.
  • I will make our expenses and profits transparent every month so you can see exactly how much we are generating for charity and who it is being delivered to. This information will be archived on the site so you can look back at any point. Financial information will be located under the “More” section on the navigational menu.
  • 90% of all profits generated by this web site go directly to charity. That percentage will only increase as the site becomes more established. The remaining 10% profit will be used primarily to cover web site hosting, domain registration and advertisements to keep the site running. Any additional profit will be used as my “salary” for the time needed to run the site.
  • I will offer fresh content on a regular basis. Sure, you can use the site only for shopping, but if you’d like to do more, I’ll do what I can to provide ideas and inspiration.

Let’s make a philanthropic revolution together!