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Fund the Lightest and Most Portable Kayak

The idea came to us while planning an outdoor trip. We were looking at tents, and thought, how cool would it be to have a kayak that mimicked the portability of a tent! Kayaking is one of our favorite activities, but as apartment-dwellers and small-car-owners, it simply wasn’t accessible. The idea started with an “aha” moment in Edmonton, Alberta and a napkin sketch.

We knew we needed an engineer, a designer and a logistics guru. After months of search, we assembled the perfect worldwide team of committed, keen outdoorsmen and women with a vision! Combined, we have over 50 years of experience doing what we love most – brining people happiness through invention!

We have tested and perfected over a dozen iterations of the Justin Case Kayak – after all, there is no limit to perfection. We tested in Canada and Montenegro, in a variety of weather conditions and across beach types. We are confident in the safety, durability and comfort of the Justin Case Kayak!

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