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Celebrate Jane!

My goal is to collect donations to help a retired nurse know that her years of dedication is truly appreciated.

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I’m raising money for my mother’s 70th birthday.

My mom recently retired from a lifelong career of caring for others when they were sick and vulnerable. She provided physical comfort and stood for long hours administering critical care to those in need. She often put the needs of those sick patients before her own. Her training was acquired on the job as she didn’t attend school for 8 years. She trained in several operating rooms throughout the US and didn’t retire until she was 69. She’d still be working today if she could. Her passion was very clear.

She has asked very little of anyone. Her only desire for her children is that we achieve more happiness than what she has had in her own life. So I have decided to do some asking on her behalf. I want to show her that the world truly does appreciate people like her.

Help me show her that she is truly appreciated. #celebratejane

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