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Boys Rule, Girls . . . Donate?

We’ve all heard that men and women think differently, but is one sex more generous than the other? Apparently, yes. New research from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute in Indiana reveals that men give differently from women, and the discrepancy may be more surprising than you’d think.

According to studies, women from the baby-boomer generation and older typically gave 89% more to charity organizations than their male counterparts of the same age group. In fact, women ranking in the top 25% for wealth donated 156% more of their money than the top 25% wealthiest men.

These results surprised many, who would think that men would be inclined to donate more due to earning more money and having a shorter lifespan than women. However, it appears to be the exact opposite. Although women generally earn and save less money than men, it appears their virtuosity exceeds men’s at every turn. Coincidentally enough, married couples seem to donate more than single men.

What makes men less philanthropic than women? Researchers have a few explanations. Some feel that men are not encouraged by society to be as gracious and giving as women. Money and wealth represents prestige and power, which may be why so many men are reluctant to give any of it away.

Not only do women donate in greater amounts, but they also do it for selfless reasons. Research shows that men are more prone to donate when it suits them, or when other males around them do the same. Women, however, appear to donate to social causes and to help others who are going through a rough patch in life.

Do you agree with the Women’s Philanthropy Institute’s findings? Are men stingy when compared to women? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

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